my band, hijikiroks!

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 15.34.54

since i am 12 years old, i have been dreaming to have a band. i worked at a guitar repair store when i was 13… and applied to be roadie, what never happened because i was too small or not too strong.

well, now  after years i have a band! so happy about it! we are doing recipes songs. our first “sketch” is online at the online advents calendar from our friends garp.

sorry, i am writing a bit late, but better now than never…

our first musics are “shojin ryori” recipes. recipes from a buddhist temple in japan. they are more than 2000 years old. i think was a good thing to start with them.

my friend yoichi komatsu made a special participation. hope you enjoy them. still missing the drums and other instruments, but i feel it is in a good way.

musics nr. 6 and 23.

guitar: thomas meyer

bass guitar: april sabucco

spoons and voice: me and niji


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