i would be very happy if you could write here some words

or write to my email: tainaguedes(at)gmail.com


6 thoughts on “contact

  1. The-Collaboratory is a trend and innovation group that uses a database of experts around the world to come up with new product ideas and determine trend directions for the future. Right now, we are doing a study on coffee and kitchen products
    so we are going on global visits to interview bloggers, chefs, foodies, coffee lovers, artists, designers, and underground kitchens.

    We would love to interview one of the chefs or team members about upcoming trends and products that could be developed for their needs.
    They will be compensated for their time and the interview should last under an hour. It will be digitally recorded for internal purposes only. Please let me know if you think one of the chefs would be open to this project. my email is outreach@the-collaboratory.com


  2. Hi there,

    on your site there’s a link to our former website motorfm.de. Our
    radio station changed its name this summer, we’re called FluxFM
    now. It would be a great help for us if you could change the name &
    address of your link so that it points to FluxFM (http://www.fluxfm.de/)
    from now on.

    Thanks a LOT in advance & best regards,
    ~ Frank / FluxFM-Online


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