My  kitchen is a mixture of experiences I made around the world – strongly influenced by Japanese cuisine. I always try to cook in a way in order to influence our lives in a positive way. This could come with a poem, an art work, a feeling or is very often also inspired by nature.
Important to me is:

* to be happy

* the Japanese concept of recycling, reusing, reducing and not wasting food (!), that is called “mottainai”.

* to nourish our body and spirit, and not just our mind with the
feeling of being satisfied

* to eat whole grain products

* to eat cereals every day, preferably according to the recommendations of biodynamics:
Monday: rice
Tuesday: barley
Wednesday: millet
Thursday: rye
Friday: oats    Saturday: corn    Sunday: wheat

* to eat different kinds of vegetable and fruit

* in organic quality

* to eat healthy fat in all meals. As for example olive oil, rapeseed
oil, linseed oil. (some vitamins are only ingested  by our bodies when they
are eaten together with fat)

* to eat vegetarian

* to eat slowly

* to eat vegetables and fruits of the season and of the region

* to avoid white sugar, take  honey, fruits and dried fruits instead

*  to regard the harmony and respect between man and nature



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