entretempo kitchen gallery


Dear friends and friends of friends,

we are happy to invite you to Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, our new art space and gallery for Food and Art in Berlin.


3rd of June

Jean Paul Ganem does not paint landscapes – he is PUTTING PAINT on landscapes like on a canvas. With the help of agricultural techniques, he creates unique and surprising landscapes. By disrupting  the geometry of conventional agriculture, Ganem directs our attention to what we would otherwise often overlook: He draws our attention to the fields on earth that feed us.

As he merges art and agriculture to a unit, Ganem found a whole new approach to the subject of nutrition. And this is exactly the mission of the Entretempo Kitchen Gallery.

On June 3,  7pm, Jean Paul Ganem  offers us an insight into his work through film and lecture. Tainá invites to taste Ganem’s landscape from her kitchen gallery.

The number of participants is limited to 20 people on this evening, so drop us a line as soon as possible if you want to join us hello@entretempo-kitchen-gallery.com

19th of June

The official Opening Party of the Kitchen Gallery

We want to establish Entretempo as an art space and venue, but mainly as a place of exchange and learning. We want to be a meeting point and information hub for all those in Berlin, who are interested in sustainability, alternative concepts of food production and nutrition in general. The event includes the opening of our first exhibition show, food concept and drinks.
RSVP: hello@entretempo-kitchen-gallery.com

Workshops and cooking classes
Food Design
Making edible art
Painting Food
Making edible (micro) gardens with Lynn Peemoeller
Open (food) design with Lenara Verle
and more

About Entretempo

With Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Tainá Guedes creates a centre for Culinary Art, which is at the same time her philosophy of life. Art becomes an extension of the kitchen – and food a common base for expressing and sharing thoughts and ideas.

Entretempo aims to explore the political and social impact of food as a manifestation of history, sociology, geography, science, philosophy and communication.

Be very welcome!

Tainá & Team

Tainá Guedes is formed Chef and Artist, initiator of Share your Food http://shareyourfood.wordpress.com/ , co-founder of the association Food Movement http://www.foodmovement.de/ , solidarity farmer at Speisegut http://www.speisegut.com/ , book author http://kochenmitbrot.wordpress.com/ , workshop-leader http://kochenundquatschen.wordpress.com/ and artist https://tataiskitchenlab.wordpress.com/


Senefelderstr. 29

10437 Berlin



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