share your food at BETAHAUS

the collective work initiated at BMW guggenheim lab berlin, had finally its continuity yesterday at BETAHAUS. we exhibited the images, presented sharezine #03 and invited people to participate in an art act as interactive workshop.


our idea this time was that the result of this act should be the new magazine “BETAHAUS edition”, using food to communicate and design.

we offered the ingredients of sukiyaki, a meaningful japanese dish for all the participants to create the answer. yuki prepared the dish, while i was explaining the preparation and stories around this delicious dish.

thoughts on a new way of thinking urban life, answering our question: “what do you believe could make our world a better place?”

the result, soon at betahaus and here.


thank you very much!

elizaveta and betahaus team for everything

yuki, oli, lenara and florencia

all participants

iara guedes, augusto de campos, märkisches landbrot backerei, lemonaid and charitea



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