greetings from brasil

IMG_5546dear friends,

long time no writing…

i have been traveling, working on 3 new books, doing 2 new projects with my sister iara – which is something i was wishing for such a long time!

when we were children, iara and me use to transform our home every birthday party. one time our place was our city, our “reading” of one exhibition we have seen. another birthday we did a musical with our toys. no kid wanted to see it, but i remember we had a lot a fun doing that! we made videos together, clothes, every time something different.

this time, we met without having any plan. but iara wanted to dance in the beach and i had a camera on my hands, so we started a video performance on food.

some days after, i saw my self involved in another project with the photographer domenico pugliese, the make up artist alessandra azambuja and, of course, my sister iara. my thanks to leo ota, celia oi, eduardo and team from bunkyo sao paulo!

i will post soon more about everything.

i have to put my self together, back to my white berlin.



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