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here some update about the musical garden*.

last tuesday  joanne pouzenc and sven höhne, two great architects and friends of mine, started a big project with the kids at papageno school. the idea is to build up a mobil kitchen together. the kitchen instrument should be a way to learn about the process of cooking, the connection between the garden and what we eat, and also a support for the creation of sounds. there, the instruments made of pumpkins should be at the end of our project. joanne and sven asked the children to draw and to write down what they believe the mobil kitchen should look like and what we need to make it. the next meeting they will make a model together.

IMG_4365 IMG_4366 IMG_4402

joanne and sven, thank you so much for participating on this project!

the last weeks the kids and i spent such a great time observing the pumpkins! we did drawings and poems inspired by them. here some of the drawings and poems that will be on our garden diary.

* learn more about the project at

“Kürbis wachsen

Überall in unseren schönen garten

Ranken über das Beet

Bald sind sie reif

Ich mag sie gern

Sie schmecken lecker”


‘In einem garten

sind Pflanzen

3 Kürbis wachsen

auf dem Boden

Wenn sie reif sind

ernten wir sie

und kochen sie

und essen sie

oder wir kochen sie nicht

und machen damit musik”


IMG_3973 IMG_3975 IMG_3971 IMG_4368 IMG_4376thanks to joaquin, frau kallenbach, addis for the patience and lynn for the great moments


special thanks to

for the door that will be transformed into a mobil kitchen


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