one week dreaming an”apfeltraum” (apple dream)

last week i had the chance to visit the demeter organic farm “apfeltraum” (apple dream). i got interested in visiting them one or two years ago, first when i saw them at markhalle neun, but sure that i “needed” to visit them, after knowing that they delivery the cereals for märkisches landbrot bakery.

my first contact was with “frau wibke”. she took us to see how the bees do the honey there. so inspiring and beautiful! their honey taste is so rich in flavors and has such delicate notes, like lavender flowers. definitely the best one i had in all my life. as she said “the honey that we produce here is a stamp of our environment”. and to understand what that means, you need to go there and experience your self this powerful nature and talk/ feel the people over there.

“one bee can’t live without its community” (wibke)


that sentence might be a perfect translation for this farm. every person, animal and plant has its function and everything works in harmony together.

i was very impressed about the diversity of vegetables. they have more than 15 different kind of tomatoes there, just for you to have an idea. i took one of each kind to taste – it was an amazing experience, i really recommend you to do, if you have the opportunity (they are friday and saturday at markhalle neun, berlin, as well).

IMG_3751 P1050728 IMG_3817

one day, i asked boris to help him in the field with the colorful carrots and we had a very nice conversation about the city and the countryside. he talked about their work with children and students and how important is to bring people to see a farm and to see how the vegetables that you eat grow there. for many reasons, one of them related to the misfits, for an instance. the misfits carrots can’t be sold in the city. people in the city think that they are not normal, the european law says they can’t be sold and we need projects like the “culinary misfits” to make people aware of the waste this represents and of the carrots value. people who have contact with farms, know that misfits are normal and they normally eat them. we have in berlin many urban gardening projects, but the things in a real farm work different and visiting a farm should be part of our educational program.

IMG_3717 IMG_3723 IMG_3724 IMG_3725

i had also very nice time with anette. very inspiring to see how she deals with the animals and her children. hope we can meet again one day!

many thanks to all “apfeträumer” (apple dreamers).

picture of bee, sun, zucchini, by thomas meyer – thanks you very much!

P1050935IMG_3596 IMG_3615 IMG_3619

IMG_3644 IMG_3645IMG_3711

learn more about apfeltraum at:


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