musical garden

“The musical garden is a pedagogical food, music and garden project at the Papageno Grundschule school-garden in Berlin where students have the opportunity to interpret growth and rhythms of nature. Started in 2013 student volunteers help to plant and care for different varieties of pumpkin and gourd that will be harvested in the fall and transformed first into various musical instruments and finally into food. The music garden is a laboratory for students to explore connections to growing food, harvesting, processing, construction, experimental sound production, and cooking. The end of the season will be celebrated with a musical and cooking performance with the products from the garden.

Project partners: Tainá Guedes, Lynn, Papageno Grundschule, Grüna, SpeiseGut, Food Movement

from lynn’s site:

Music Garden1 Music Garden2 Music Garden3


today we worked on our garden diary by observing the plants growing, painting and drawing. next week the plan is to keep painting, start to create sounds for the plants with kitchen utensils and if would be some time left, “poetar” (do poems). many thanks joaquin, lynn and all kids! it was a lovely day with you all!

IMG_3869 IMG_3870 IMG_3872


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