i just had one plan for last week: meet my sister and alberto in amsterdam, visit some friends and do not work. well, it went almost everything as planned, just with a little work making “share your food” happen in a very unusual and improvised way.

IMG_1182 IMG_1202

i visited marlein banquets – wonderful person, great cook and artist – in her kitchen atelier at frank visser’s studio. an amazing experience of colors and feelings. we sat in the garden hours as nothing else was important, just we, the food and the sun.

marlein receive us with a fresh and fragrant lemonade made with flowers of her garden, following of a tasty quinoa salad with smoked beets and cheese, bread zucchini omelette, cucumber salad and pickled onions… so good! what makes it even more special is the contribution of marlein and her friends in this scenario. they really made me feel so well-come, like we were old friends!

traveling at her atelier, i was very impressed by some little gold insects which we could find everywhere there. i asked about them and she told me that she was doing them with her favorite organic chocolate paper. beautiful!

and just to give you an another impression about her work, marlein last catering performance was about “non wanted animals” with birds that represent dangerous around the airport. an art to call attention to this problem and a way to give those animals our respect. visit her internet site for more.

i will work to bring her to berlin. can’t stop to dream about the next experience with her! thank you dear cami for introducing us!

IMG_2850 IMG_2838 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2851 IMG_2853 Europa_2013_0180

marlein banquets

frank visser

more wonderful things and people you have to know in amsterdam

pantheon drukkers

mark minkjan

proef restaurant

holland festival

food film festival

pics by alberto ogura, thomas meyer and iara guedes


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