fair tale


Fair Tale – a Food Installation

at the Art Festival 48 Stunden Neukölln – a Change of Perspective – from 14th to 16th of June

The installation of Tainá Guedes gives the viewer visual, tactile and gustatory changes in perspective, with a sensual exploration of the theme of “The destruction of cultural roots.” The cassava root, which is part of the founding myth of the indigenous Brazilian Tupi-Guarani, serves as the medium of installation. She tells metaphorically about the roots of a culture, about losing identity, oppression, annihilation and the destruction of livelihood, to the importance of cultural roots of our perspective on the globalized world today. In public, the Tupi-Guarani have become invisible and their suffering remains largely unrecognized.

The poetic sequence of the Indigenous tribes names is from the brazilian poet and artist André Vallias, “Totem” 2013


Lecture Performances
The story (Fairy tale) of cassava root by the indigenous people

Food Art Manifest
Taste of Hope, made of Tapioca (cassava starch).

Live Performances
Friday, 14.06 – 8pm
Saturday, 15.06 – 4pm
Sunday, 16.06 – 4pm

deAr Factory
Delbrückstr. 40, Neukölln
10 minutes walk from U-Bahn/ S-Bahn Hermmannstrasse

many thanks to anabela + festival team, thomas meyer, naoko yasukochi, oliver fuchs and krishna



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