the german word for food, “lebensmittel”

2013-05-20 15.28.37

i was talking to a friend this days about the different aspects of “waste of food”. the conversation was so inspiring to me that i decided to share with you some thoughts.

the german word for food is “lebensmittel”. “lebensmittel” is actually two words in one:

leben = life

mittel = medium, vehicle

that is a very precise definition of what is food for us: a vehicle, a medium for life. we need food in order to live/ without food we would die. so basic, so important, the first thing we learn in life, but we still act as food – and everything that it represents – would be something not valuable, when we through it away.

the definition of food and “waste of food” in german drives you to long philosophical thoughts.

there are some important points on how to avoid waste of food. some of them are 1. planning your meal, 2. buying concious, 4. intelligent transporting , 5. storing good, 6. re-using the rest. good places to inform your self more: the internet site (in german) “zu gut für die tonne” and the very nice internet platform “food sharing”, helps you to do not waste.

but today my conversation was about the point 4 on my list. of course we can find a lot of recipes on books and internet for our ingredients. but the thing is, how to be creative with our refrigerator. how to create something out of the rests. how to buy and plan the food without waste. specially if you live alone, questions like, how to use one kilo carrots before they get bad, or what to do with the 3rd. pepper in the package, are daily present questions. for the generation that experienced the war, it is probably not a big deal, but and for those who are just able to cook with recipes? well, maybe it is a condition of a modern life in the cities that we are not use anymore to deal with the nature, with the garden and the seasons. so that is why projects involving urban gardening like “prinzessinnengarten” are so important, also from this point of view.

this thoughts give me energy to keep working on my next book that aims to help people to have a good, healthy relation to their refrigerator, without waste.

i am happy to invite you to taste the recipes of my book “kochen mit brot” (cooking with bread) at prinzessinnengarten next week. with the wish to inspire you to do not waste food.


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