a musical garden in mitte, berlin

today i started a new urban gardening project with my friend and gardner lynn peemoeller at the public school “papageno” at mitte, berlin. ulrich from “grüne liga” is supporting us not only with the material for this project but also with his knowledge and “man power”.

our idea is to grow a musical garden with the kids, this year playing just with pumpkins. later on, thomas and the kids will create the instruments with the pumpkins and joanne and sven will develop a mobil musical kitchen for us to perform music and food. and of course, the food part will be mine contribution with the kids. more following.

alltogether ulrich lynn_garten lynn_maos lynn_tai

the concept:

– children learn the cultivation and processing of fruits and vegetables.
– we transform garden tools, kitchen utensils and ingredients in musical instruments
– along a mobil instrument (mobil musical kitchen) is designed and constructed with waste collected around the neighborhood, and brings the elements of gardening, cooking and making music together.

– the instrument is a laboratory that also serves the processing and preparation of vegetables, as well as the experimetellen sound production.

– the perception of cycles and growth in nature will be reinforced by a musical perspective.

– together, a musical performance is developed and rehearsed, which makes the tools and instruments to the laboratory-grown products. growth and the rhythms of nature are to be interpreted musically.

– finally, preparation of a soup for the participants and spectators, together with the thoughts on our resources and waste of food.

inspiration: gardens in the city, vegetable orchestra, mobil

garden: lynn peemoeller

music: thomas meyer

mobil kitchen instrument: joanne pouzenc and sven


concept and food: tainá guedes

many thanks for all people at papageno school, special thanks to joaquin, thomas and frau jäger

and many many thanks to marie and oli!

sponsored by


lynn’s work:



papageno school






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