zu gut für die tonne

last saturday slow food organized an action day against food waste, this time focused on bread ‘rettet das brot’ (save the bread) at markthalle neun and invited me to take part.

more: http://www.slowfood.de/projekte_und_aktionen/teller_statt_tonne/berlin_rettet_brot/


thank you very much everybody who came! as i couldn’t talk too much to anyone, i would be happy to see you all again on monday for the release party.

thank you dear joachim, märkisches landbrot backerei, andrea + slow food team, walter pauly, bernd and nikolaus from markthalle neun, florian/ kantine neun.

here a tv program where you can learn more about the “action”


super special thanks to thomas meyer + parents, christoph büscher, lynn peemoeller, seseg and oliver fuchs for the great time together and all effort to make the food sound installation.


i cooked 2 recipes of my book “kochen mit brot“, one of them with georg kaiser, owner of the super nice organic supermarket bio company – who donated all ingredients from the action.


i had such a great time sharing the kitchen with people i admire as hendrik haase, leader of slow food youth network, lea and tanja from culinary misfits and the star chef thomas kammeier.


P1020716 P1020621 P1020724 P1020702 P1020635 P1020639 P1020644 P1020649


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