share your food

yesterday share your food ended like it must be for cronopios*: we were so happy that we couldn’t see the clouds coming. with luck, that belongs to cronopios, the open air exhibition was not affected.

thank you everybody who came. we are so happy about you all!

special thanks to friends

iara guedes, fabio corazza, joanne pouzenc, inés lauber,vanessa ramos-velasquez, camilla ribas, thais, christoph and rocío, philip hausmeier, thomas meyer, karin and lila, julieta aranda, lisa and martin

*cronopios are the personages of julio cortazar’s book “cronopios and famas”. following a small description that might put you in the spirit.

“Cuando los cronopios van de viaje, encuentran los hoteles llenos, los trenes ya se han marchado, llueve a gritos, y los taxis no quieren llevarlos o les cobran precios altísimos. Los cronopios no se desaniman porque creen firmemente que estas cosas les ocurren a todos, y…

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