share your food

on saturday we will be showing the artworks of the sharezine#02 that was designed by iara guedes and fábio corazza. we would like to thank again all people involved, all artists and sponsors, in special bia goll, owner of the restaurant otto in sao paulo, brazil, where we made one edition in february of this year and märkisches landbrot bakery, our main sponsor.

the idea of “share your food” magazine is to collect works that we believe could make our world a better place.

the following artists are present on this issue:

andré vallias

rita figueiredo

kiko araújo
julieta aranda
arto lindsay
lucas santtana
bianca viani
iara guedes
fábio corazza
klaus weddig
inés lauber
arnaldo antunes
nani brisque
hanna jatobá
seseg jigitova
ton van der laaken
luis and felipe machado
luz morena cerroti de abreu
ali karakas
mariana shellard
flavia falcão
dulce horta
augusto de campos/ cid campos
alexandre gam

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