this week in berlin

yesterday i went to the opening of “taste festival”at direktorenhaus, berlin. unfortunately the pics from my mobil are not good enough, but i really recommend you to go there.

“The Taste Festival is a 10-days-Festival in Berlin introducing outstanding designers, artists, food curators, chefs and producers. Aimed at all food enthusiasts as well as industry professionals, the Festival is an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about taste, the sourcing of ingredients, the experimentation behind the dishes and the cultural significance of dining.”

more at:

today i visited “the world is not fair” at tempelhof airport – other thing you must see in berlin this month

very beautiful and inspiring, the pavilion organized by lynn’s husband eric from “institut für raumexperimente”. the whole exhibition is really big and couldn’t see everything. i will definitely go back in the next days. please visit the “imaginäre inseln” of lukas feiress, where i had to stay and dream for hours in the afternoon.

“An island can be a lot of things. In literature, film, and philosophy it is alternately described as a place of retreat, as a vanishing point for the desire for social change, but also as a prison and as a site of banishment. It is the allegorical expression of ideas that their inventors have of the world, and of the desires that they have for life. The island thus becomes a metaphor of humanity’s transgressing of boundaries and the societies that we live in. It is the place to carry out moral-philosophical questions. It is a question of the conflict between nature and culture, naturalness and civilization, individual and society. ”













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