red and yellow for naoko

for my dear friend naoko, the red butter and yellow chickpeas spread

red butter

250g butter

1 tube tomatenmark

salt, pepper and bärlauch

1 clove of garlic

let the butter in the ambient temperature and mix well all the ingredients together. put in a form you like and then back to the fridge.

thanks to katrin for the inspiration!

yellow safran-houmus

250g chickpeas

1 clove of garlic

salt, cumin, paprika, pepper

lemon juice


olive oil

put the chickpeas one night before to soak in the water. cook with a bit salt. keep a bit from its water and some grains by the side

add all ingredients in a food processor and mix well until it gets the right consistence (add the water if necessary)



2 oranges




1. soak the safran. add a bit water.

2. sweat the onions and garlic. add the oranges. mix everything. pass through a sieve.

3. mix half with the houmus and the other half put on top.

4. decorate with thyme, chickpeas and oranges.


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