time to plan.t

some time ago my dear friend naoko invited me to help her at her allotment garden. i always dreamed to have a little garden, to connect my self to the earth somehow, to observe the plants… my wish was growing with time since i moved to germany and knew about the “schrebergarten”. a dream people dream here. the allotment have an important socio-cultural and economic functions as for example, for the community a better quality of urban life through the reduction of noise, the binding of dust, the establishment of open green spaces in densely populated areas; for the environment the conservation of biotopes and the creation of linked biotopes; for families a meaningful leisure activity and the personal experience of sowing, growing, cultivating and harvesting healthy vegetables amidst high-rise buildings and the concrete jungle; for children and adolescents a place to play, communicate and to discover nature and its wonders and more.

there are about 1,4 million allotment gardens in germany covering an area of 470 km2.

in berlin there are 833 allotment garden complexes.

thank you dear nao for the happy time together!


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