tibetan new year’s food

on 22th of february we celebrated tibetan new year. my dear friend oli sent me a link with a recipe of guthuk – kind of vegetable noodle soup. in tibet, eating guthuk on this night signifies our safe passage into the new year. i also made another dish from a tibetan book recipe, which was also a gift from this same friend.

the first time i made guthuk, was not very much successfully. the second try i made with dear svea and ton, two incredible persons, i wish everyone could talk to, i believe was pretty much better, although i don’t know how the original recipe should taste.

guthuk means in tibetan = (gu) nine (thuk) pasta in soup. the number 9 is associated with good luck. so while preparing and savoring guthuk you must remember that no less than nine ingredients are added to this dish.

normally they use to add dough-balls to the dish with different fillings, that are metaphors for certain human characteristic, both positive and negative.

their meanings could be:

wool = gentle person

charcoal = cold hearted person

porcelain= person who avoids work

paper= foolish person

hot chilly= quick temper, sharp tongue

pea= untrustworthy person

salt= lazy person

thorn= person who does not get along with other people

inward woven thread= person who put his family welfare above others

outward woven thread=person who does not put family welfare first

stone= stingy person

dama-ru (hand-drum)=person with double face

glass- delicate person

sun and moon= glory and fame

mother carrying child= person carrying karma from previous life

square mat= easy going person

lama konchok (tsok shape)= honest person

more about this dish you can find at simply tibetan blog.

my adapted recipe:


1 package of fried tofu

1/2 daikon – cut into juliennes

1 bund spinach – cleaned and chopped

1 box mushrooms

2 carrots – cut into juliennes

½ onion – diced

2 cloves garlic – minced

½ inch piece ginger – minced

2 tablespoon oil


vegetable bouillon

2 cup flour (1 cup whole wheat and 1 cup white flour)



2l milk

sugar and cream

cook the milk about 2 hours, until it gets solid. add sugar and cream, put in to a cheese cloth and let it dry. cut in to quadratic pieces and let it dry. you might hang it to dry on a string. the original recipe is made with yak-milk and they use to eat this as candy.

following the new year’s spirit that came into my house, my son and i visited svea at rigpa – http://www.rigpa.de/ – where we could learn a bit about “torma”. thank you dear svea, again, for everything!

torma are figures made mostly of flour and butter used in tantric rituals or as offerings in tibetan buddhism. there are “food tormas”, i wish i can learn more in the near future.





das tibetische küche – karin brucker and christian sohns

ton’s work: http://www.tonvanderlaaken.nl/

svea’s working place: http://www.rigpa.de/


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