wish tree at sao paulo

inspired by yoko ono i have been visiting trees, putting my wishes there and inviting friends to join me. would you join me too?

many years ago, about 20 i guess, my family and me planted a tree at rua amaro cavalheiro number 60. it was so small and now it is one of the biggest i’ve ever saw! every time i go to brazil i use to make my tribute to that tree. this year i went there with my dear family and we put our wishes for the world together. i would be happy to hear that your wish is there as well.

here yoko ono’s piece:

wish piece

make a wish.

write it down on a piece of paper.

fold it and tie it around a branch of a wish tree.

ask your friends to do the same.

keep wishing

until the branches are covered with wishes.

y.o. 1996


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