papa, papinha*

my son’s pap

since i got pregnant i have been researching about how to feed my son with a vegetarian diet, what combination of vegetables and fruits to offer him and how to give him food. the result of all my experience as mother and cook i will share with you at an event with my dear doctor giersig and my dear midwife julianne starting in spring of this year in berlin.

it will be a meeting where we will cook and talk. we divided the themes in:

1. first moment of pregnancy – food against sickness, fat free, without strong spices, but still very tasty.

2. middle of pregnancy – healthy sweets with reduced sugar

3. end of pregnancy – food rich in iron and vitamins

4. breast feeding – vitamin’s rich for a good “milk production”

5. eating with little children – recipes with reduced in salt, without sugar and honey that you can eat with your child, as they do want to eat what we eat

tasty and fast to prepare, as we don’t have too much time anymore

vegetarian, of course, regional and ecologic as well. if you are interested please let me know, we are working on it and would be helpful to have your feedback.

at my country, we use to say papa for father and papinha first food for baby, but also “inha” is used to say that something is “little”. as for example, when we like someone who’s name is iara, we say iarinha. it is very interesting that the word mama is used for mother and mamar for breast feeding. mamar is a symbiosis of the word mother and love (amar)


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