tribute to nina horta

yesterday i visited nina horta at her buffet “ginger”.

nina, for those who doesn’t know her, is a wonderful and sweet person, great writer and food “artist”, living in sao paulo, brazil. when i first heard about her, she was “just” the mother of my dear friend sylvio. that was when i was 13 years old. i felt in love with her kitchen and library without knowing her. one day, sylvio gave my mom one of  my favorite books until now, “não é sopa” (it isn’t soup). then i read her other book “charlô em paris – uma história de receitas” (charlô in paris – a story of recipes). i loved it! – and love it until now. i became immediately one devoted fan of her since this time. the way nina writes, is so moving, sometimes funny and always delicious.

she happily came back into my life now because of her daughter dulce. it is a long story to tell now, i just wanted to tell you about her work and suggest you to visit her internet site.

thank you dear dulce, nina and sylvio for being part of my life!

dulce’s internet site:


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