feira in portuguese could be a fair (the right translation would be fair, i guess), could be a market and could be every other day in the week: segunda-feira (monday), terça-feira (tuesday), quarta-feira (wednesday), quinta-feira (thursday) or sexta-feira (friday).

the name feira, comes from the latin word feria, that means holy day or holiday, and is the word that gave rise also to the word feria in spanish and fair in english. nobody knows exactly when the first one was made. during the fairs or markets in the middle ages, the wars were interrupted to ensure peace to the sellers.

i love to visit the feira. i love the colors, the smells, the people there. here in brazil the market is quit different than in germany. starting from the people, they do like to have contact to you, they want you to try their fruit or vegetable, they sing for your attention and they are happy to offer you a recipe or to recommend you the cheaper herbs salesman.

i remember to go to the feira with my mom since i’m small child. the woman selling clothes for dolls, the stand selling tomatoes with a family cat, which we took one to our home, because it didn’t wanted to let us take the tomatoes… i always have to remember what the lemon’s seller told wile buying lemons: “the peel must be soft and shining in order to guarantee juice inside”. and how to know if the pineapple is ready to eat? just pick up one leaf from the middle of it. if you can take it easily, then it is ready. avocados mature better if you wrap them in a newspaper, taught another seller.

things to do in a feira of sao paulo:

1. first, go after 11 am, the prices start to go down by this hour

2. eat pastel

3. buy spices and let them grind in the moment you are buying, listen to the good recipes and stories

4. buy directly from the farmers (sometimes they just sell what they buy in a big vegetable/ fruit market)

5. preferably from japanese farmers, normally they are always honest and have the best vegetables and fruits

where to buy in organic quality:



tuesday and saturday from 7 am until 12 at av. francisco matarazzo, 455 (it is possible to have a great organic breakfast there, which i super recommend)


thursday from 7 am until 1 pm at rua são benedito in the front of the monastery

friday praça charles miller

saturday morning at mercado central de sp – rua cantareira



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