“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”

i have experienced the sentence above from yoko ono this week while visiting “demetria”, a neighborhood in botucatu/ sao paulo – brasil. demetria was “founded” over 30 years and is a place where you can find many organic bio-dinamic farms and initiatives related to the anthroposophy, as waldorf school. to protect the farms and the nature, a circle of ground was bought around it and offered first to people who share the same thoughts regarding the nature and us – love. respect. fair for us and for the nature. trying to do not pollute our environment or interfere negatively ecosystem.

a dream. a reality that fortunately exists and it is just possible because people involved have much love to the world. i believe that what they do, is for all, not just for people there, or in brazil. and what i also like, is that they keep researching, studying, improving.

thank you dear maite, cris, melba, sofia, eric and vivi for the opportunity and great time together!

we tried the pizza from bel, made with whole and organic ingredients. we agreed that it comes with too much filling, but is possible to ask with less cheese or vegetables.

pizza da bel

+5511 3815 1707

rodovia gastão dal farra, km 4 demetria

at bioloja, i recommend all breads made there and the ice cream made with yogurt and fruits. very light, very delicious.

bio loja

+55 14 3882 2753


bio loja / sítio bahia



and if you are there, you have to know the waldorf school and its very nice gardening classroom

waldorf school


and if you are at sao paulo, here the link where you can find the address for organic markets and also order a basket of vegetables and fruits

bio-dynamic markets


here another important link, if you want to know more about bio dynamic agriculture.

ibd – instituto bio-dinâmico



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