sao paulo, my dear city

motivated by the wish to stay with my sister, family and friends, i started to plan an adventure in brasil some weeks ago. what first was a dream, is becoming more and more reality. i thought would be nice to make an edition of “share your food” there (also because almost one year ago my dear friend dulce said we could make it at her place – i felt so honored and this wish to make it, was growing inside me with time). i thought i would like to speak about my kitchen experiences from the past years out of my country, as well. i thought, i would like to cook somewhere, where i could invite all my friends. now i am trying to connect everything, all pieces of dream in one.

“share your food”,  is a gastronomic event involving art and food, that is printed as magazine afterwards. the next event will (probably) happen in sao paulo in the next month. i will let you know more later. i just wanted to share with you my happiness to plan this event with dulce!

more about “share your food” for you, who doesn.t know the project:

we believe that by sharing our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others, we can make this world a better place.

To “share” is a mottainai concept.
To recycle, to re-use, and to reduce is an attitude of gratitude and respect for others and for our environment.

Every manifestation arising from this concept is always welcome. Share with us what you think can influence our life in a positive way.

Share your food needs you to colaborate by sharing something, be that in a musical or video form, a painted canvas, words spoken
or written, poetry – either yours of from someone else – a story, a drawing, a picture – whatever suits you! Everything that’s important to you is welcome. It is about sharing your point of view, idea, feelings or whatever comes into your mind. So please send your contributions per email to us.

This material will be used to develop a “sharezine” – a “share-magazine” – which will be distributed in Berlin.

The main main part of this project happens around the table – a place where many important moments happens, conversations are held, and knowledge exchanges take place. We would like to invite you not only for a dinner, but also to share your beliefs.

I invite you for a vegetarian meal. through my food, i share my experiences throughout the world.

if you want to know more about this project, please write to

or go to our page:


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