learning process

yesterday i went to “markhalle neun” to sell my sweets. it was the first time i made a market.  it was so full of people. i.ve learned a lot and almost sold everything. i didn.t knew so many things, although i visited so many markets in my life, i never stopped to think about obviously things. thats the prove you have to do something if you want to learn something. at least this rule works for me.

i will write here things i learned to you, who might one day make a market as well:

1. although dirt can reach your products, you can present them without package. this is something good, in one way, because people can see them better, and you are not so limited with the “package conditions”

(it was not so easy to put the cupcakes in the plastic bag, without destroying the topping – thanks thomas who had a genius idea for it!)

2. you need light on your products. they will look better, for sure and if its winter time, then you really need it.

3. very important: to give people the opportunity to try all your products. i am not sure if my “cakes without sugar” were in the wrong place or if i couldn.t sell them good because people couldn.t try them. the same for munguzá – the brazilian white corn. i guess no one could imagine how it was suppose to taste.

4. create an ambient for your productss. i was very impressed about all stands. they were looking very pretty. specially the ones from “got dessert”, “olívia” and “edith”.

congratulations and thanks dear pamela, lars, silke and slow food – i had great time there! thank you dear friends who came to visit me. marianne, akemi, ayumi, christoph, and friends that i didn.t meet karin, judith, yannis, krista…

i don.t know who said first something about “enjoying the way”. anyway, it was very nice to think about what i wanted to present there: a cake without sugar, to create one recipe with the breads of landbrot backerei (ideas on “waste of food”), to bring my culture and to mix it with my japanese side.

i could know better lynn during the preparation at her home. and this was also a great pleasure thank you lynn again!



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