“brot ist leben”

last week i went to learn at landbrot backerei  – a bio, regional and fair bakery in berlin commited with people and with the environment.  it was so nice to see the “life” of the breads – all the process, the people around them, the holistic view in every detail.

everything i read on their website before, was there, alive, working. it was great to see that all effort and thoughts that comes from joachim, goes not just to outside but also to inside. what took my attention was that this thoughts looking specially from the inside, works very good. it is like a dream to have such a nice philosophy working. i know many gastronomic places and i must say that it is very difficult to find an harmonic ambient. i felt happy to see people working happy and in harmony. helping each other, making something good fo the others, for the others health. i felt there is still hope for a good commercial relation. really inspiring!

it was lovely to talk to every one there, specially patrick, markus, max, heiner, oli – a vegetarian “dreamer” who is also moving because of his believes. thank you all guys!

and thank you dear joachim again and again!

i started the day making a tour with patrick through the bakery. if you interested too, it is possible to make a tour with mr. jürgen baumann.

” a farinha de ontem é o pão de hoje, a torrada de amanhã e a farinha de pão de depois de amanhã. A farinha sempre volta ” Dalai Lama
pause to eat the cake i made with their left-over bread. approved by all who ate it
i will try now to make this recipe without sugar

to know more about them:




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