“our garbage is the mirror of ourselves”






















today i would like to recommend you a film, that i went to see some days ago. it calls “taste the waste” a documentary movie about the waste of food around the world. i have got even more inspired to keep working on recipes with left-over bread, left-over vegetables and fruits, preserving food and so on.

what i also liked on this film is because you do not feel hopeless, maybe because of the interview with carlo petrini and other people who are working on this issue as well.

again, how to improve our world:

1. buy bio, fair and regional food, direct from the farmers, if possible;

2. do not buy too much, just the necessary;

3. do not throw food away;

4. educate your child about cooking vegetables and fruits;

5. spread the idea, talk to your parents and friends

before you throw food away, think about how your act influences our world. think about how many people are dying because they don.t have something to eat.



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