ahead on time

this saturday slow food will make an event about waste/ preserve food and invited lynn and me to be there. we will make one recipe with left-over bread and apple chutney.

yesterday we went to talk to joachim from landbrot bakery. i am so happy to meet someone like him! his wonderful work and ideas about life and food, the concept of his bakery really inspired me. it made me believe again that it is possible to “improve our world without make matters worse”. thank you and thank you again.

we went home with many smelling breads, lots of good feelings, hope and energy to create a new recipe. after the talk with joachim, we decide to try a recipe without sugar, fair and just with regional products. this came out with curry crispy croutons topped with apple chutney and roasted hazelnuts.

to learn more about joachim.s bakery: http://www.landbrot.de/ueber-uns/selbstdarstellung.html


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