teller statt tonne

this weekend we, from “share your food” ( and the artist and green activist lynn peemoeller ( were at slow food event “teller statt tonne”, an action against waste of food.

thousand thanks to slow food for giving us the opportunity to show our work, to talk about our ideas.

thank you lynn, it was great to work with you. and thank you everybody who is always helping me with my projects! mami, ia, mimi, oli, niji, cami, suzy, cheree, april, marianne, marie, shoxxx, katrin, gerald, christoph, rocío… and, and, and… oh the list is big!

at slow food event we showed the fruits and nuts we collected this week in berlin, the products made with some of them, made a cooking demonstration about how to use “waste of food” and how to preserve food and gave some recipes away.

we also showed our first edition of sharezine, the magazine of share your food. we talked to many people and hope they got inspired.

lynn and me are planing to make a workshop about waste of food and preserving food. i will write more later.


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