cake without sugar and fat

one big challenge in my kitchen is how to reduce sugar in my recipes, how to make delicious food for everyone, also for little children – and i believe they should not try any sugar until they have  at least 4 years old, so they would form their taste without sugar. yesterday my son had his first birthday. i wanted to make a “good” cake for him. i still have to improve the presentation, but it had already a good feedback.


maybe you want to try it as well? here the ingredients:

100 g Flour or whole wheat flour

100 g Oatmeal, tender

150 g Quark (magerquark)

150 g applesauce

1 pinch salt

2 eggs, separated

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

50 ml lemon juice

500 g fruit

100 g yogurt


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