“dreamers out side the reality”

some days ago i received an email from my dear friend andré with a beautiful translation – made by one of his friend – of a letter from haruki murakami. the letter’s title was “dreamers out side the reality”. in the letter, murakami reflects about the buddhist word mujo (無常), that means impermanence, which independent of the buddhism, is deep in the essence of japanese people. that explains why japanese people like to observe the cherry blossoms in spring time and the red leafs in autumn. they like to contemplate with an inner peace, that the beauty after its highlights disappears. in other words, they like to contemplate the impermanence inner and out side their selves. murakami reflects that maybe the fact that japan always had natural disasters, helped to form that mentality. he continues writing about “fukushima”, second war, nuclear energy. “rest in peace. we will never commit the same mistake” this words are on the homage to the hiroshima’s victims in japan and he suggests to keep this in our minds and fight against the nuclear energy. he ends writing “to dream is the work of the writers, but to share is their most important task.” let’s be dreamers out side the reality, and let’s share and spread our dreams for our future. indeed murakami.

after reading his letter, i was so moved by his words, but still without knowing how to help to promote peace, how to improve our world, without making matters worse, as john cage’s diary says. i thought maybe by sharing his thoughts here and dreaming with our future without nuclear energy, without violence, without pesticides and genetically modified fruits and vegetables, sustainable food, people eating consciously, planting our own vegetables, cooking our own food, would be a good start.

inspired by this dream, i went to visit a garden, where i.ve learned more about the vegetables and the earth. i wish everybody could have a little piece of ground to grown vegetables, to watch they growing, to observe the nature in its pure form.


wish you all good dreams, and let.s be “dreamers out side the reality”

link to murakami’s text:


for those who want to eat ecologic food:


for those who want to plant a green future:



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