“share your food” at fortuna.s feast

“share your food” is a food-event, where you are invited to share with

us not only our table, but also something you believe could feed our
body and soul in order to make our world a better place. these ideas,
artworks or poems afterwards will be printed as a magazine.

the next event will be at fortuna’s table on 10th of april, starting
from 12 until 17 hs, where i will cook some little vegetarian dishes served with

* acoustic set by garp (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Garp/135533903894)

* live-animation by the japanese artist shoxxx (http://shoxxxboxxx.com/)

* little exhibition of works of people who already sent us something
to be printed on the magazine

Fortuna’s feast
Weserstr. 58
Berlin, Berlin 12045

more about:

we believe that by sharing our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with
others, we can make this world, or at least the world of others, a
better place.

the main event of this project happens around the table – a place
where many important moments, conversations, and knowledge exchanges
take place. that means, however, that we invite you not only for a
dinner but also for a time of sharing your beliefs.

to recycle, to re-use, and to reduce is an attitude of gratitude and
respect for others and for our environment

to share is a mottainai concept.

every manifestation arising from this concept is always welcome. share
with all of us what you think can influence our life in a positive way
– be that in a musical or video form, a painted canvas, words spoken
or written, poetry – either yours of from someone else – a story, a
drawing, a picture – whatever suits you!

this material will be used to develop a “sharezine” – a
“share-magazine” – that we will distribute in berlin.

we = camila soares, tainá guedes and thomas meyer

hope to see you there!


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